Saturday, 2 February 2013

Training - Week Ending 20th January 2013

Training was put on hold this week whilst I allowed a new addition on my skin to heal!

The design is inspired by my Scottish heritage and is drawn from traditional Pictish images found throughout the north of Scotland.  The Picts history is all but lost to us, but what we do know is that they were a proud and strong warrior culture.  This is evident by the Roman Empire being unable to conquer the Pictish lands......... despite them having done so throughout the rest of Europe.

The images I chose are interpreted as follows:
  • Pictish #1 - Wolf represents the warrior.
  •  Pictish #2 - the border between two worlds, this life and the afterlife.
  •  Pictish #3 - Eagle, which can fly between this world and the afterlife.
  •  Pictish #4 - mortality of life, being when you are born and when die.
  • Lion - the lion image on the left is my first piece from last year.

So that's the reason why I hit the pause button on training this week!

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