Saturday, 2 February 2013

Training - Week Ending 2nd February 2013

This is the week where I consciously put the holiday period behind me and start to get my training habits back. Things I have considered and applied:

- Set Goals.  My Goals are clear and measurable, there is no ambiguity on what I must do.  I'll either achieve them or I wont.  Simple.
- Hydrate......... and Hydrate more!
- Start eating right again, making sure I factor in foods that support my training and my recovery.
- Take my supplements (as I've been inconsistent with these).  Magnesium, VitC, Fish Oil, MultiVitamin, Proteins.
- Stretching.  This is an area that often lets me down.  If I'm going to avoid injuries, then this habit needs to be ingrained within my training. 
- Lock it in!!  I've added my training schedule to my calender (especially work calender) and made training part of my working week and not just something I do if I have time.
- Create accountability.  I've done this two ways:
  1.  Firstly the creation of this Blog, even if just one person reads this, then I'll be accountable to them.  
  2. Secondly, I have purchased a good old fashioned hard copy diary that I note my training in.  This will be carried in my gym bag and on hand should my trainers, wife or friends ever want to see what I've been up to!
- Challenge myself.  Whether that be in boxing or in other forms of training, I need to keep pushing my boundaries........ both physically and mentally.  There is a lot more I to discover.

So with all that said, here is how the week of training unfolded.

Tuesday 29th January - Hardcore Class (30minutes / Calories Unknown)

Wednesday 30th January - Run RiverWalk 3.2km (24m53s / 344calories)

Wednesday 30th January - Boxing Circuit (60minutes / 797calories)

Thursday 31st January - Fighter Circuit 3minute Rounds (1hr18min / 1,079calories)

Friday 3rd February - Bikram Yoga (90minutes)

The last session was way outside my comfort zone......... I'll never mock a hippy again.  It was brutal!

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